Our story begins with skin, of course.

Many moons ago, we suffered from our own skin concerns.

And like those before us, we traipsed through countless beauty clinics and spent hours researching what was the “best” solution.

We uncovered three things.

  1. Skincare brands were selling products that targeted only one skin concern.
  2. The products on offer were packed full of harmful chemicals.
  3. The information out there was misleading.

It just didn't sit right.

We were disillusioned with the skincare industry. Why was it so hard to find the right information? Why wouldn't one line treat multiple skincare concerns? And what was with all the chemicals?

These questions motivated us to create what we wanted ourselves — a natural skincare brand that was multi-functional.

And here we are.

Zivany is an Australian plant-based skincare brand reflective of what we find important — simplicity, transparency and nature.

What we do is simple. We target multiple skin concerns with products that are free of chemicals. We’re multi-functional, which means our products work on every level. Whatever your skin concerns, Zivany targets it in one line.

We believe imperfections are beautiful and ageing is a privilege, not a curse. But we also believe good quality, natural skincare helps your skin be the best it can be. And this, in turn, is empowering.

Zivany x

Our Founder

Zivany was founded by Ivy Bendixen in 2018. After suffering acne rosacea as a young adult, Ivy couldn't find skincare to help her heal. With a love for health and wellness, and backed by years of experience working in beauty clinics, Ivy created a skincare line she wanted herself - plant-based products that were effective and multi-functional.

After launching Zivany, Ivy received glowing reviews and affirming evidence of what she knew to be true - plants are healing and chemicals are unnecessary. Ivy’s life is centred around holistic living and sustainability. She’s a fierce advocate for the community and profits from Zivany are donated to local charities to support those in need.

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