Our Founder

Zivany was founded by Ivy Bendixen in 2018. After suffering acne rosacea as a young adult, Ivy couldn't find skincare to help her heal. With a love for health and wellness, and backed by years of experience working in beauty clinics, Ivy created a skincare line she wanted herself - plant-based products that were effective and multi-functional.

After launching Zivany, Ivy received glowing reviews and affirming evidence of what she knew to be true - plants are healing and chemicals are unnecessary. Ivy’s life is centred around holistic living and sustainability. She’s a fierce advocate for the community and profits from Zivany are donated to local charities to support those in need.

Australian made with natural, nourishing ingredients. 100% Vegan, ethical & cruelty free. The Zivany® Botanicals range has no parabens, SLS, nothing synthetic or artificial. Sustainably packaged small batch skin care.

Each product contains naturally derived ingredients, organic ingredients where possible. Oils, fruits and extracts are all Australian. Aromatherapy oils, sustainable & ethical ingredients with natural preservatives. None of the Botanicals range have sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic colours or synthetic fragrances. No animal testing. Ever.

100% vegan with no animal bi-products being used in any formulations. Our packaging is recyclable and sourced from Australian suppliers. Freshly made by an amazing team in Australia. Many ingredients, as possible, are sourced from Australia where many grow in their natural habitat and are wild harvested without the use of any chemicals. Made in small batches to offer the freshness with minimal preservatives, which allows for a more active product.

A portion of each sale is donated to charities in support of those in need. For more information about the important initiatives we support, click here.

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